I cater to a huge range of styles and moods!

Thank you so so so much for everything that you did for us and thank you for allllll those pictures. We are completely pleased and truly blessed to have had you as our photographer!
— Emma and Jeff

Packages that start at only $444

Weddings don’t need to be expensive, my goal is to provide professional quality photos for any budget.
This is why I came up with a “build your own” package concept.


Videography is an option for every package.

Most of my clients choose a small 1-2 minute highlight reel added onto their packages.




Edited In A Style of Your Choice:

Choose from moody, bright, dark, colourful, vintage or a mix

Build Your Own

All prices below are based on maximum of 50 guests. Consultation are always given prior to a final price.
Photo count and video is also dependent on the number of guests.

To View what each event’s photos look like, head over here.

**This option automatically includes a second shooter for 5 hours. Typically the second shooter stays at the venue while the main photographer and bride & groom get their photos taken. Ideal for those who turn their ceremony space to the reception.

Free engagement session for packages $2222+

Maryna is super professional! Very easy to work with, I’m so thankfull to her for our wedding photoshoot, when we got all the pictures from our Wedding- I literally cried, because what Maryna does- it’s magic!!! All the pictures look like movie shoots, she has her own style witch is so unique! I’m so glad she did photo shoot at such an important day for us, that we will remember forever!
— Tori & Ryan
Josh and I are so inlove with our pictures!!!!! We are so happy with how they turned out, they actually over exceeded our expectations, they’re beautiful, you really captured our special day <3
— Farah & Josh


Who is your photographer?

Hi! I am Maryna. I will be the one who answers your enquiries, who talks to you on the phone. Who you have a consultation with via FaceTime. I will be the one who takes your photos and/or video. The one who edits them and delivers them. Why am I telling you this? Well many bigger wedding companies have large teams, and the person who you might be chatting with is not even the person who will be responsible on your special day! Many companies put out a casting call for photographers and videographers, and whoever is the first to reply gets hired. So you might be stuck with a stranger who you’ve never even spoken with, who doesn’t know your story covering potentially the most important day of your life. Then a new person edits your photos, and another edits your video. In general you’ll end up with 5-8 different people who participated in the production of your wedding, and that’s a problem because your entire story will not be told in sync. It’s important to have the same person who shot your wedding to also edit it, because they were there and know the mood & feel of your day. They know the story that was meant to be told. And that will reflect in the final edit.

Fantastic. Great pictures. Great direction. Very personable. Delighted to have you with us on our wedding day.
— Andrew & Anulka

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Photos delivered within 7 days. Video within 21.

The following dates have already been booked:

April 2020 (fully booked)
May 9th 2020
May 29th, 30th, 31st 2020
June 20th & 21st 2020
August 1st 2020
August 15th, 16th 2020
September 12th, 13th 2020

Maryna was very friendly and professional for our wedding March 2, 2019. We got some amazing pictures! Thanks again for being part of our special day ❤️
— Liane & Dave