Who is behind MYazbeck?

My earliest memories of photography come from my childhood in Lebanon, watching my Ukrainian mother load Kodak film into her camera and feeling fascinated about the scenes she would capture. We grew our own vegetables, ate eggs from the chicken downstairs, and enjoyed the simple elements of life. Each face and each road had its own unique story to tell and I was mesmerized by life.

Life happened, I adulted, and went on to obtain a BA in French and become a self-taught web designer and marketer. It wasn't until I upgraded cameras a couple of years ago that I truly realized how passionate I am about telling stories and connecting with people through digital mediums. We are all beautiful humans. Absolutely all of us. And I love the diversity in this world SO much. Being around sexually open people, gays, transgendered, white, black, curvy, skinny, natural and enhanced, to me we're all equal. 

I have been shooting photos since I was twelve and I lovvve capturing each person's truest self on camera. I value honesty and encourage authenticity. Bones, shadows, curves, and lines make me dream. Perogies are bomb. Sunsets inspire me. And I recently got published in Vogue Italia (eeek). Ok, enough about me. Tell me about you. Already got a project or photoshoot in mind? Hit me up and let's get creative.