Who is behind MYazbeck?

Hey there! I am Maryna! A 26 year old photographer who's been taking photos since I was 12 years old. My passion for photography has exploded over the last two years. I specialize in about everything and anything you can think of. I love how diverse photography can be. A few months ago I decided to give it a go in videography and I fell in love! Now I make home movies ;) all the time! I love working on creative projects and meeting new people. I am originally from Ukraine and I can speak 5 languages (sort of). I graduated from SFU with a French major but I am also a web designer and a marketer (self-taught). Anyway enough about me! If you're reading this chances are you've got a project in mind, perhaps a photoshoot? Or just want to chit-chat. Please don't be shy and send me a message! Even if you just want to complain about how crappy Vancouver weather can be! I am all ears =)