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from 55.00

Travel Fee - Depending on location of the shoot, and extra travel fee pay apply. This covers time + gas

Extra Retouch - An option for those who want to have more photos retouched. Up to 5 photos

Reschedule Fee - If the client cancels or is a no show, the session can be reschedule for an extra charge

Raw Files - Depending on the shoot booked, there may be an option for all raw files given to the client. MUST BE DISCUSSES PRIOR TO SHOOT.

Sunset Shoot - Any shoots booked between 7pm-9pm are subject to a “Sunset” Fee

Extra Time - 30 minutes extra of shooting. This is applicable to pre-purchasing as well as people that go over time.

Extra Time - 60 minutes extra of shooting. This is applicable to pre-purchasing as well as people that go over time.

Weekend Time Slot. During busy season, weekend time slots will cost extra.

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Travel Fee

Travel fee will range between $50-$100 depending on the distance and length of the location. The price is agreed upon with the client and the photographer through email. The Travel fee is purchased before the session, and is refundable if the session is canceled or if the location is changed.

Extra Retouch

Extra retouch includes color adjustment as well as skin smoothing, removing unwanted blemishes, scars, etc. The client will comment on the photo they want retouched and carefully explain what it is they want done to the photo.

Reschedule Fee

If a client cancels or is a no show, a rescheduling may be given with a fee. This is up to the photographer’s discretion. Rescheduling fee is NOT refundable should there be a no a show. Rescheduling fee is only valid for ONE change of date & time. If a client changes there mind again, they will be required to pay ANOTHER rescheduling fee.

Raw Files Terms & Conditions

-the amount of raw files and fee is agreed upon with the client through email.

-ALL photos provided in .ARW format through a google drive link

-NO edits will be done to the photos, no cropping, straightening, color adjustment, skin retouching etc. 

-Each file was shot in .ARW at 300DPI 7000px on the long edge at 43MB per file.


****All photos are given AS IS, please keep in mind that each picture was shot at the PHOTOGRAPHERS discretion of settings. If a photo is too dark, or too bright, shallow or deep depth of field, this was done IN camera and no work was done post-production. YOU are responsible for adjusting photo's settings to your liking. Camera settings are all light dependent on the sun, clouds and the environment shot in. The way each photo was taken had post-production in mind and was never meant to be given RAW. By agreeing to purchase all the RAW files, you are withdrawing all editing responsibilities from the photographer. And YOU accept the terms and conditions it is given in. 

Sunset Shoot

During the busy season, a sunset shoot will require a fee. The fee is refundable should the weather change and no sun appears. The client will have the option to reschedule their session to ANOTHER sunny day or the sunset fee will be deducted from their remaining payment.

Extra time

Session times are carefully quoted for clients based on the average session time. It is RARE that a client goes over their session HOWVER should a client goes over their quoted session, there will be an option to purchase more time. This option is available as a pre-purchase or post purchase. The client will pay the fee added on to their remainder or deposit. The client will be informed that they are over their quoted time and if they wish to continue their session, they will agree to the extra time through a written or verbal contract.

Weekend time slot

During busy season, an option will be given to clients to guarantee their weekend spot. Weekend time slot fee is NON refundable and cannot be rescheduled. Should a client cancel or postpone the shoot, they will incur a rescheduling fee and a weekend fee if they choose another weekend time slot.