Each home is unique in style and feel. Whether an urban loft with exposed brick, a luxurious modern penthouse or a cozy rustic cabin, my goal is to showcase this through creative imaging and video.


Video Listings

Homes listed with a video, get four times the inquiries to listing without? To give a sense of the flow and the personality the property has requires more than a camera. It demands similar elements to that of a story. Let me help tell that story.

Custom Flyers & Brochures

Your time is the one thing you can never get back. Spend it on things that are truly important to you.

Simply choose from several existing templates or have me design a unique one for you. I’ll take care of the rest. The hard part was getting them through the door. Don’t waste that effort by allowing them leave without something that reminds them why they came in the first place.

Price list:

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Deadline for project *
Deadline for project

Prices are based on a 1 bedroom unit regardless of the square footage. For more accurate pricing please contact me directly. 

Photos: from $350 (13+ photos)
Video: from $550 (60-second+ video)
Photo + Video: from $850
Photo + Video & Brochure: from $950
Brochure add on for any package: from $100
** brochure prices vary depending on the template chosen or if a custom design is required.

I am not your cookie cutter real estate photographer. I am one person. Passionate behind the camera and committed to any project I start. Nothing is never lost in translation because the person you contacted and the person who shows up at your door are one and the same. This simply means your property and the story remains consistent from the photographs, to the video and in the reminder of why they want to come back.

I look forward to helping you author you next real estate story.